Feeling the SAS

sasToday was my last day at Demandware. Starting Monday, I’m thrilled to share that I’ll be stepping into a senior product management role at the SAS Institute right here in RTP.

I’m tremendously proud of our accomplishments at Demandware over the last year. The company is stacked with talent and is strongly positioned for continued growth in the retail ecommerce market. Since I joined the company, I’ve had the opportunity to learn a ton about the retail industry, particularly in the top-tier segment, and I know that the folks up there in Burlington are going to have a heck of a 2016 to come.

But this opportunity at SAS was just too appealing to pass up. Not only am I getting back into a pure product role, where I feel at home, but SAS’s Customer Intelligence group is doing some very interesting things in the next generation of marketing tech. As I learned more about what they’ve built, and what’s still to come, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. More on that to come.

I’m also deeply impressed by the kind of organization SAS strives to be. SAS, which is still private after nearly 40 years, is a strongly data-driven culture that cares deeply about taking care of its people – to the extent that it’s famous for being a great place to work. (Many people don’t know that Google used SAS as a model when developing their own employee retention strategy.) SAS also spends roughly double the industry average on R&D as a percentage of revenue, which is one of the reasons they’re the undisputed leader in business intelligence today.

I’m jumping right in next week, so stay tuned. Happy Halloween! ?




  • Reply Aurélie Pols |

    Interesting move, keeping my hopes up as I’ve been through a couple of so called re-starts in the digital space by SAS, which I also greatly admire.
    And always interested in reading Terms and Conditions of SaaS SAS tools 😉
    Best of luck Blair (& team)!

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